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HCareEXEC uses its own trusted tools through the entire process. Each search is customized to fit the position level, urgency of hire, and unique needs of the client. Through competency interviews, behavioral interviews, leadership questionnaires, culture assessments, references, and our extensive market expertise, we evaluate our candidates against not only your organization’s needs but against success metrics of the position and the industry. This allows us to recruit the right hires who have the precise skills, expertise, and work style you require.

Needs Assessment & Search Profile

Through in-depth discussions with your team, HCareEXEC develops a detailed assessment outlining the ideal candidate. Then, a performance-based Search Profile for the position is issued, detailing the desired past work experience, track record, education and background, personality, fit to your company culture, and other position-specific attributes or skills.

TRACCS Analysis/ Project Search Plan

A team consisting of a Researcher, Project Manager, and Project Recruiter is formed. The team collaborates to create a Project Search Profile outlining the critical points of the search process. Potential resources may include a target account list, internal and external databases, key industry contacts, and external professional associations.


Once the top candidates are identified, our team interviews each applicant several times to ensure they meet the parameters of the Search Profile. The Project Recruiter conducts initial discussions with potential candidates and maintains a status record on each individual. The Project Manager reviews the quality of candidates and performs the final interview before presenting them to you for your consideration.



The client informs the Project Manager of their selection of final candidates who should move forward for subsequent interviews. HCareEXEC performs background checks as desired. The Project Manager prepares candidates for final interviews and keeps runner-up candidates engaged and available after an offer has been made.

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